South Africa Quick Gallery

I returned from the Momenta Workshop Project South Africa last week, and thank you to all for the warm welcome home. It was an amazing experience, both from a professional standpoint and as a human being. The organization I shot for, The Homestead: Projects for Street Children, gave me full access to their centers and operations and turned me loose to do my work. I cannot thank them enough for this opportunity since it allowed me to truly see into the lives of the boys this organization is trying to help. Those boys eventually gave me their trust, allowing me to photograph them from when they woke up in the morning until settling down to bed late at night. Eventually they just seemed to accept me and forget that I was there, which is the ideal situation for every photojournalist.

I’ve finally had a chance to put together a rough gallery of my work from this project to share with you. Let these images serve as a general survey of a day in the life of this organization. More succinct stories are to follow.

Thanks again to all of you who helped make this possible. The Homestead was very appreciative to receive my time and photography to further their cause.

  • Outreach worker Mandla Klanisi visits with a child on the street in Claremont
  • Project South Africa 2013
  • Arafat tosses a bottle of lotion to his brother as they get ready for school
  • Ashraf shoves another boy as a scuffle breaks out during breakfast
  • Adjmal (left) and Arafat wait on a street corner for a pre-dawn mini-bus that will take them to school
  • Boys play soccer after school in the back porch
  • A boy prays before having his afternoon snack
  • Each boy is responsible for cleaning his dishes following the afternoon snack
  • Ashraf has an intense conversation with Armstrong, and overnight care worker
  • Arafat cleans the cuffs and collar of his school uniform shirt everyday after class
  • Social worker Debbie Bloom leads an afternoon counseling session
  • Boys celebrate a goal during soccer practice at Hilary House in Khayelitsha township
  • Boys pose for a photo at Hilary House
  • David, a senior boy at Hilary House, asked me to make a portrait of him in his corner of the dormitory
  • Portrait of a boy outside at the intake center
  • Ashraf poses for a portrait
  • A boy waits his turn to select from a collection of donated clothing
  • Arafat (center) and companions walk to the library in central Cape Town
  • A boy gets hugs to celebrate his birthday during the Mankind meeting
  • Armstrong (center) and Thando play a game in the evening
  • A boy plays with the cat during evening chores at the intake center
  • Adjmal studies for exams during a quiet moment in the dormitory
  • Minutes before lights out, boys gather in the dormitory